She's Fighting
She followed the nurse down the hallway
leading to the narrow room
with feelings of uneasiness,
of unknown, impending doom.
The doctors studied the results
and started the consultation,
handing her a tissue box
to begin their explanation.
They spoke so straight and forward
with facts more than with feeling,
focusing more on the cancer itself
than on recovering and healing.
With all of their medical knowledge
there are things doctors do not know, 
because what's really inside this woman
are things the x-rays do not show.
Though quiet and unassuming, 
her nature modest and polite, 
behind those solemn blue eyes
lies a soldier ready to fight!
She is ready to fight this foe
and learning more each day
about how to conquer this enemy
in the most effective way.
You can see it in her eyes.
You can hear it in her voice.
To confront and fight these battles
is her courageous choice.
And she will win these battles
and she will win this war
because she knows her future's waiting
right outside the doctor's door.
She'll leave these worries behind her
and make a brand new start
and she'll lead her life, not with her head, 
but only with her heart.
And as she starts her life anew,
she'll find her attitude will change.
Many things she will do differently
and some she'll rearrange.
As these events in her life are testing
both her strength and her resolve,
she's getting to know the person within
as she watches her life evolve.
She's praying and believing
and with her inner self, uniting.
She's persevering and determined;
she will prevail because she's fighting!
~ This poem written and copyrighted by Linda Ellis ~
Linda's Lyrics~