When I think about my life
and my blessings great and small,
I know the things that matter most
aren't really "things" at all.

For the bounty and the beauty
in my life that I most treasure
are simple daily blessings
I cannot count or measure.

My family tucked in at night,
a hand to squeeze and hold,
the miracle of watching
my children's lives unfold.

Friends who love me as I am,
and through their love impart
courage for my journey and
a glimpse of God's own heart.

The gift of mindfulness,
to slow down and surrender
to a brilliant afternoon
aglow with nature's splendor.

Life's radiance inspirits
every day anew,
and everywhere I look I see
God's blessing shining through.

It's true that I don't have
all those "things" I'm longing for
but I have all I need to live
and ever so much more.

God's simple daily gifts confirm
the truth that I embrace:
just to be is blessing,
just to live is grace.

~Lisa O. Engelhardt~